About Us

Playbrands Group is a provider of gaming entertainment and solutions based in Montevideo’s World Trade Center. Although our head office and structure was created in Uruguay, the majority of our shareholders and most of the team are Brazilian.

Playbrands Group has been operating the online casino Playbonds.com for more than 5 years, and with the in-house development team of AGT (Ativo Game Technology) we have also developed many successful online bingo games for Brazil.

Our gaming platform has been established with almost 20 years of experience in the gaming industry. Along with our esteemed clients, we at Playbrands Group have proven the platforms’ flexibility, stability and reliability.

Created with the global market in mind, our platform is certified in many regulated markets and can be implemented in several areas, all with one powerful back-office management system.

Playbrands Group has cultivated strategic partnerships with the aim of providing our players with a never-ending catalogue of third-party games. As a result, this helps us to integrate services and content which can be aimed exclusively towards any client’s needs.

The majority of our clients’ focus is in the Latin American market including Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru & Mexico. Accordingly, the Playbrands Group platform has developed over the years to provide more features, furnishing our Latin American operators with our in-depth knowledge of the market.

As of now we are in the process of adding a new member to our group: Playbrands Brazil.
Playbrands Brazil will be based in São Paulo will import, manufacture, distribute and operate a wide portfolio of gaming products.

Playbrands Group has all necessary disciplines to develop, in co-operation with our network of national as well as international partners and suppliers, a successful line of products and strong brands for our home market in Brazil.