We are providers of on and offline gaming solutions. With our group of companies and network of national and international partners, we are creating a full line of products and strong brands for our home market - Brazil.


With our online platform, internet casino, sportsbook, video bingo, online terminals and various well known international brands of off-line products, we offer a complete portfolio of gaming products.


We and our advisors are well prepared to assist our business partners in setting up reliable, long-lasting local partnerships in development, production and distribution for any of the new Brazilian gaming market segments.


With our group of companies, our network and experience, we have all the tools on hand to be the ideal gateway to the new Brazilian gaming market that will consist of bingo, casino, street locations, online gaming, betting and lotteries.


Our online casino is well consolidated in Brazil and other South American markets. Our portfolio of games consists of a balanced mix of games from the most well-known online casino game providers as well as our own successful online bingo games.


Our development team is fully equipped to develop, in partnership with you, innovative products like our famous Brazilian video bingo games, to take advantage of the immense opportunities in the new Brazilian gaming market.